Trauma Registry Information

Trauma Registry Information

Dear Trauma Coordinators and Registrars, 


DHS recently notified our current trauma registry vendor, Digital Innovations (DI), of our intentions to not renew our contract with them for the next fiscal year.  We did this because we were starting to request our legacy data to be prepared in a format that would allow for the migration of this data into the new ImageTrend registry.  After receiving this news, DI notified DHS that they will be utilizing the 30-day cancellation clause in their contract to officially terminate services with DHS effective December 31, 2016.  At that time they will suspend all hosting access and services.  Our intension was to continue services with DI until June 30, 2017 so that trauma Level III and Level IV facilities could continue to enter 4th quarter 2016 data into V5.  Their decision to follow-through with cancellation of services will affect trauma facilities that have upcoming 2017 site reviews as the data will be incomplete. 


In an attempt to lessen the pressure on your hospitals, knowing that you will no longer have access to V5 or V4, DHS along with support from STAC and CRC and requesting that you pull the reports needed to complete the PRQ and demonstrate PI now, before the December 31, 2016 deadline.  In V4 you will need to pull the fourth quarter reports from 2015.  In V5 you will need to pull the reports through the third quarter of 2016.  This will give you a complete year of data.  At the time of your review, it may not be the most current data, but it will be something.  Also, even though your facility may not have a scheduled site review during 2017, but may be scheduling a focus visit you are encouraged to pull the needed reports now.  Finally, if your facility just wants back up reports you are also encouraged to pull your data now.


We recognize that this is not ideal and we are under a time crunch.  If you have questions or need assistance pulling the needed reports, Eric Anderson, the trauma registry manager, has agreed to be a resource.  Eric is also in the process of giving hospitals access to the new trauma registry.  Hospitals not able to get their 2016 fourth quarter data into the V5 trauma registry by the December 31, 2016 deadline are encouraged to begin entering that data in to the new registry.


Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.


Julie Forcier

State Trauma Coordinator

Office of Preparedness and

Emergency Health Care

Division of Public Health

(W) 608-261-9300

(F) 608-266-7089